The Definite Anabolic Diet Guide

anabolic-diet-by-mauro-di-pasquale-1-638The Anabolic Diet has been around for a while and is rated very high by bodybuilders, gym coaches, sport instructors, and regular guys alike.

This diet has worked great wonders for thousands of guys and helped them build muscle and lose weight at the same time, without facing any negative issues. Introduced to the world by Dr. Mauro Di Pasquale in 1995, this diet was developed more as a “twist” to the already-popular Cyclical ketogenic diet.

Reaping optimum advantages from this wonder diet is an easy affair if you have the basics right. The Anabolic diet guide or meal plan is all about a high protein, high fat diet that involves cycling of carbs.

What Is The Anabolic Diet?

Eddie Robinson / Dr. Mauro
Eddie Robinson / Dr. Mauro

With the Anabolic diet meal plan, you force the body to make use of fat for energy by avoiding carbohydrates for a period of five to six days a week. Since you will be eating lot of fats, the body will store less fat and this means losing fat handles will be the easiest of things for you.

The point is to eat less than 30 grams of carbs. You may wonder this may make you go into ketosis but it does not as regular carb re-feeding days prevent such occurrences. This is the primary reason what makes the Anabolic Diet a suitable form of diet for strength training compared to other traditional ketogenic diets. It is important to note that one of the most critical aspects of the Anabolic Diet is fatty red meat that is rich in saturated fats and cholesterol. Moreover, fatty red meat stimulates an increase in the levels of testosterone, which is the muscle-building hormone.

On the high carb days, you need to switch things completely. Low fat, moderate protein, and high carb diet would be the word for you and you need to do this a day or two per week. On these high carb days, you should make sure that approximately 60 percent of your intake should be from carbohydrates, only 15 percent from fat, and 25 percent from protein.

Different Phases Of The Anabolic Diet

The three different phases of the Anabolic Diet are:

anabolic-diet-foodsInduction Phase

During this first phase, you are expected to eat at your maintenance caloric intake. This means you need not either increase or cut your calories while you are adjusting to the diet. This is to be done for the first four weeks of the diet.

Bulking Phase

It is important for you to first figure your ideal body weight and then add 15 percent to that number. For example — if you weigh 190lbs then you should start eating as if you want to become 218.5lbs and this will come to approximately 4370-5462 calories a day. You need to stay loyal to this diet plan until you reach the goal of 218.5lbs or get above 10 percent body fat.

Cutting Phase

After you have bulked up, you can proceed with the cutting phase for stripping away some of the gained fat during the bulking phase. This can be easily done by maintaining a deficit of 1000-1500 calories a day.

It is important for you to eat right. For this, you can simply take your body weight and multiply it by 18. You then need to eat 1000-1500 calories a day, less than the number. If your goal is to lose approximately 1-1.5lbs a week and you end up losing more than it, you need to increase calories and vice versa (decrease calories) if you are losing less than that.

Benefits Of The Anabolic Diet

The Anabolic Diet is beneficial in numerous ways. It proves beneficial to reduce triglyceride levels and control insulin levels. The Anabolic diet also proves extremely useful for less plaque buildup, less allergies, and less acne. Not only this, you wake up full energetic and enthusiastic as carb intake is controlled. You no longer have to face heaviness after eating again or don’t have blood sugar crashes. If that was not all, you feel full longer as fat satiates.

No wonder the Anabolic Diet rules the bodybuilding world!